Friday, February 1, 2013

B2G Marketing

B2C marketers: I advocate it is time to convert your consumers to valued guests.  Welcome to the new era of B2G marketing!

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Smart marketers understand the importance of bringing together all aspects of marketing communications, inbound and outbound via multiple channels to work together as one unified force – Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). 

Smart marketers crunch, slice and dice Big Data to know who their consumers are, where their consumers are. 

Smart marketers understand we live in a mobile first world, thus make sure all their marketing movements are mobile optimized. 

Smart marketers use all the available marketing tools in their tool kit to engage and get closer to their consumers 24/7. 

Smart marketers understand that thanks to all the clutter out there, they are fighting for their fair share of consumer dollars, therefore they are obligated to work extra hard to create the ultimate shopping/eating experience for their consumers. 

Tomorrow’s smart marketers will acknowledge no two consumers are the same and that each consumer should be treated extra special like a guest coming to spend the weekend at their home. 

Welcome to the new era of B2G marketing!

Are you prepared to become a smart marketer and build your brand, one guest at a time?


  1. I like that B2G. Nice perspective.

  2. B2C strikes me as a purely commercial transaction, as opposed to one requiring hospitality to your buyer. Having said that, B2G provides a way to consider an alternative idea.

  3. i think this applies to B2B as well as B2C, as the marketing process is the same.

  4. To be called a "consumer" is really an insult, in return for giving a brand our attention.

    The origin of the word is: 1530s, "one who squanders or wastes," agent noun from consume. In economic sense, "one who uses up goods or articles" (opposite of producer) (from

    B2G makes sense. It puts customers into a community that can be part of "production."

  5. Good article which raises a couple of comments & questions:
    1. B2G traditionally means business to government so a new acronym would be needed. How about B2P or Business to Partner or F2F - family to family/friend to friend?
    2. While no two customers are alike, not every customer wants the constant "noise/attention" that marketers are paying to them. Nor is every customer profitable enough to have that much attention paid too, customer selection whether it be through individual segmentation or wider "mass marketing" needs to be a consideration in choosing who to market too.
    3.Consumers have choice and many do not view marketers individual attention as being mutual or beneficial.