Thursday, January 3, 2013



My apologies, but I could not resist posting a special list to ring in the New Year – Dinosaurs!

Read On:
      1.    Pay phones, dusty fax machines
      2.    Newspapers, newspaper routes
      3.    Shoe repair shops, tailor shops
      4.    Main Street U.S.A. (e.g., independent pharmacies)                     
      5.    Doctors’ house calls
      6.    Christmas cards
      7.    Sunday family dinners
      8.    Sixty minute lunches, eight hour workdays, forty hour workweeks
      9.    Two week vacations
     10.  Travel Agents
     11.  Airport Porters
     12.  Free luggage check-in, ample overhead space on airlines
     13.  Attendants – toll booths, parking lots, gas stations
     14.  Head Hunters
     15.  Three piece suits
     16.  Middle-aged Naysayers! 

      Are there more Dinosaurs out there?


  1. So in what ways have 'Head Hunters' become dinosaurs? I do like that you capitalized the profession though ...

  2. I feel like the old man on the porch that keeps yelling at the changes in the neighborhood. Word. I am especially disappointed in the demise of journalism and long-form writing in favor of Twitter and blogs. Newspapers and magazines are the, WE are the victims. I would argue on several areas of your list, but without a rout EVERYTHING on the list has certainly had a business model shift, if not disappearing. Of course, there are a few things from the 50's that have NOT gone away, like gun ownership, racism, sexual harassment, worker pay abuse. Long live nostalgia!

  3. Must be a partial middle age naysayer. I still like reading the Tribune and WSJ, people still fax orders to my wife's business, I occasionally use a shoe repair shop, and have a couple friends who are very successful head hunters.


  4. re: #3 tailor shops,
    Funny thing an old fashion tailor shop was just opened in my stylish neighbourhood a few months ago. This guy is trying to make a comeback for this old concept. It seems that people like it though:

  5. Land line (phones on the wall) in homes.

  6. Hey ! I have a land line on the wall in my kitchen. It's very contemporary.

    Secondly, it's not the sixty minute lunches that have disappeared by the sorely missed two martini lunches at a steakhouse/strip bar.

    How about staplers? I think I have one of those "paperweights" around somewhere.

  7. Fun comments. Thank you everyone. I forgot to add whiteout to the list. I have a cakey bottle somewhere in my home.

  8. I'd like to suggest another one: Talking face-to-face. A friend has some news I haven't heard about, and when asking how come he/she didn't tell me, response inevitably is: But I posted it on Face!
    Am I a naysayer if I don't like this? :(