Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blink Trumps Remarkable

re•mark•able \ri -‘mär-kə-bəl \ adj. (1604)  worthy of being or likely to be noticed esp. as being uncommon or extraordinary.  According to best selling author, Seth Godin, acclaimed “America’s Greatest Marketer,” ridiculous is the new remarkable!

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Back in 2003 Seth Godin wrote a great article for Fast Company magazine In Praise of Purple Cow.  He advocated that in a media saturated marketplace there was no room for average products and services or relentless ad spending.  Instead, there was only room for remarkable products or services; winning ideas that people were going to remark about – the viral effect of word of mouth.  

Last month, Seth wrote a new post titled “Ridiculous is the new remarkable.  Godin is now challenging us to think beyond normal to standout.  Paraphrasing Seth: “If it's not ridiculous, it's hard to imagine it resonating with the people who will invest time and energy to spread the word.  We embrace ridiculous as the sign that maybe; just maybe, we're being generous, daring, creative and silly. You know, remarkable.”

Godin’s new interpretation of remarkable is a clever marketing strategy.  However, given the level of clutter/noise out there (ridiculous!!), I believe those companies or individuals that can deliver consistent, relevant content in a blink will be tomorrow’s movers and shakers.

Blink = brevity!  Blink trumps remarkable!


  1. Right on Jimmy,
    I think that it's important to consider Seth's market, content marketers, most of whom will duplicate his "wisdom" in one form or another.

    Wasn't it McLuhan that said "the message is the medium"? Ridiculous is the message, noise is the medium, and a lack of engagement is my answer.

    Brevity sells.

  2. One can be remarkable by being ridiculous or by being brilliant. I am convinced there will still be brilliant idea's ahead.

    Brilliant, with the b as in brevity indeed Jimmy: right on.

  3. Seth has a good way of selling books. He's a good observer and great marketer of ideas. He comes up w/good ideas as a means of thought stimulation. For what it's worth.

  4. Unfortunately, Seth does have a point... not a good one, but a point. In my humble opinion, "ridiculous" is a race to the bottom. It's what has taken one--maybe two--generations and shown them that the way to succeed is to be stupid, outrageous... ridiculous. Ridiculous has given us The Kardashians, The Jersey Shore and Honey Boo Boo. What's next?... the sublime, of course! So maybe there is hope after all!

  5. Remarkable and Blink are not mutually exclusive. I contend that remarkable will stand out from the rest, and require less blink for the buck. Jus sayin'

  6. I agree with you Jim and those who've commented that while ridiculous can garner you eyeballs (think most of the reality-show 'stars'), it's those who create meaning and purpose through their efforts who'll last over the long run.

  7. You are all remarkable. Thank you for the interesting thread.

  8. I wonder if Seth was trying to be ironic, or otherwise sarcastic. I think that ridiculous only has a place as an adjective to "remarkable", as in "ridiculously remarkable." If only ridiculous, it's laughable. If "ridiculously remarkable," it has my interest.