Thursday, December 13, 2012

Business IQ

I would like to take timeout this morning to thank everyone for all your insightful comments regarding last week’s post, Butterfly or Bee?  Today’s post, Part II in my LinkedIn series will address Business IQ.

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I am certain that anyone that is social networking for professional reasons has read their fair share of posts about how to gain maximum results from LinkedIn.  Do these titles sound familiar?  4 LinkedIn Tips to Help You Get Hired This Month.  LinkedIn Best Practices for Entrepreneurs.  LinkedIn Tips: 9 Things Your Should Never Do On The Social Network For Professionals.  What amazes me is that I have never read a post as it relates to my number one objective for participating on LinkedIn – how to raise my Business IQ.

Fact: In an IBM survey among 1,700 CMO’s from 64 countries; 71% admitted they felt unprepared for the challenges of today’s business environment.  Sad!  I learned this piece of information by reading Michael Brenner’s post in a LI discussion group.  More importantly I follow Michael in several groups because he is a consistent blogger – B2BMarketing Insider.  Consequently, I have learned a lot about B2B marketing, thus become an advocate for food manufacturers to step up their online marketing initiatives.  FYI: Michael and I engage on LI, but we are not even officially connected.  That might change after this post.

Fact: I am bullish about QR Codes.  I first learned about QR Codes back in 2010 due to engaging and connecting with Matthew Gallizzi, Leader of NotixTech.

Fact: Hyper-local sourcing (e.g., restaurant gardens) is one of the Top 20 Trends for 2013 according to the National Restaurant Association.  I learned about roof top garden by navigating through LinkedIn.  Thanks to reconnecting with someone I lost track of in Toronto, I learned about this unique hyper-local sourcing concept for honey.

Fact:  I learned about Pink Elephants thanks to connecting with Tanveer Naseer, business coach/management guru from Montreal.  Are their any Pink Elephants in your organization?

Etc., etc., etc., Bottomline I have developed the discipline to get on LinkedIn before breakfast to make rounds so I can aggregate information to sharpen my Business Catalysts skills as I position my business for the future.

What is your Business IQ?


  1. Jimmy knows what I'm about to say, because we feel exactly the same about this subject. LinkedIn is the single most important networking tool for business, and with their recent re-design, contains a treasure-trove of useful articles, blogs, opinions, discussion threads, and curated material. In addition, the information each party "posts" provides insight into that person's personality. A valuable element of understanding current and potential networking contacts.

    My Business IQ is very good, sir. Thank you for asking.

  2. Thanks Jimmy for the inclusion and compliment. I agree with you that there's a treasure trove of insights and great people to connect with on LinkedIn.

    Key to tapping into those networks is creating value for others as well. I know that's been a major factor for why I've been able to connect with people who bring great value, insights, and conversations to my networks.

  3. This short article, is on-point rich. I agree with Tanveer Naseer - you have to give value to get value. And, do it unconditionally, as you won't necessarily get it back from whom you give it to. If you join LinkedIn expecting to immediately "get" something, you miss the underlying premise of the social network.

    Getting the "give vs. get" aspect right usually lifts one's Business IQ an order of magnitude.

  4. Thank you for your comments. I know all of you understand the importance of adding value and giving when it comes to networking.

  5. Enjoyed your article, very insightful!

    I use to be one of the butterflies, waiting for things to happen or someone to notice me, which is a very stereotypically ironic position for a salesman to be in. Like a few others, I'm starting to come up to speed on the power that Linkedin (and other social media sites ) have.

    The one thing that I would point out is that way to many people are afraid to give - their attention, time, effort, a lead, a suggestion etc - possibly because they feel that they will be taken advantage of, or might make a fool of themselves.

    I also want to thank you for the gift of Tanveer's website. He's someone else I plan to follow closely.

  6. Thank you Jimmy for the shout out. I know I'm late to the party, but this was a good reminder of the value of LinkedIn. I have fallen off of the LinkedIn bandwagon, partly due to lack of priorities, and this was a good reminder of the value that linkedin brings to the table and our relationship that stemmed from it. Thank you!