Saturday, November 3, 2012

Scavenger Multi-tasking

Back in May of 2011 in a post titled Gamification USA I addressed the new phenomenon of organized scavenger hunts.  Based on what I have witnessed these past few weekends, it appears that these events have added a fitness element.

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The Philamazing Race BooTacular Scavenger Hunt was held last Saturday here in Philadelphia.  In addition to solving clues and conquering obstacles, it appears the organizers have designed the event to be comparable to The Amazing Race on TV.  People in their running outfits, armed with their smartphones, were running from one clue to the next in my neighborhood.  How clever.  In addition to learning about the history of our great nation (I live across the street from the Independence National Historical Park), participants were working out/staying in shape at the same time.  In appears that gamification is now evolving to the next level, scavenger multi-tasking – you can test your history skills on a light jog while checking out the historic sites of Philadelphia.  I even witnessed one participant eating a breakfast bar while jogging.  

Scavenger multi-tasking has its price: $30 early registration; $50 admission for teams of two to four people.  What’s next?  Speed dating on scavenger hunts?

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  1. Maybe scavenger hunt dates aren't a bad idea! If you don't want to kill your team mate before the event is over, you might enjoy having a date with them.