Friday, October 12, 2012

MTP (Multiple Touch Points)

Outbound marketers seek out their target audience.  Inbound marketers engage their community.  Hybrid marketers value both approaches and realize they have to pinpoint their brand’s MTP (Multiple Touch Points) – reaching their target audience while engaging with their community.

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Excuse me, but once again I am promoting the benefits of hybrid marketing.  Moving forward, companies that implement hybrid marketing will understand the importance of pinpointing their brand’s MTP (Multiple Touch Points).  One company that already is familiar with the importance of MTP is Heineken USA.  They clearly have established their digital footprint – over 8.4 million likes on Facebook, approximately 55.8 thousand followers on Twitter.  In addition, they utilize memorable traditional advertising.  Remember their classic Super Bowl ad where the female party host shows her girlfriends her huge walk-in closet.  Suddenly they all start shrieking only to be drowned out by the male party host showing his friends his new walk-in Heineken cooler.  I would be curious to know how many touch points they actually pinpointed with their TV campaign.

Heineken also continues to effectively utilize print advertising.  Case in point was their recent two page spread in Wired magazine.  The tech-savvy magazine’s readership primarily constitutes the same target audience Heineken is engaging via social media.  Just in case their consumers have not had time to engage online or watch television, due to Heineken’s clever touch point, consumers can now learn how to speak Heineken in multiple languages.  Yes, in addition to Heineken’s standard slogan: “Imported Which Is Rare For An Import,” their print ad provides a map of the world for beer consumers who do not have access to a translation app and provides handy phrases for ordering a Heineken on the road.  For those of you reading this post who plan to be in Rome in the near future: Vorrei una Heineken.

Are you pinpointing your brand’s MTP (Multiple Touch Points)? 

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