Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mo Bites

Please, a quick show of hands.  How many of you sleep with or next to your mobile phones?  I rest my case.  We now live in a mobile first world!  Marketers it is time to message in mo bites – mobile bites.  

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According to Informa Telecoms & Media we experienced 3.89 trillion megabytes of mobile data traffic in 2011.  Does that sound like a huge number?  Well they predict that as smartphone penetration continues to grow, mobile data traffic will explode tenfold to 39.75 trillion megabytes by 2016.  

What will be the driving factors of mobile data consumption?  Mobile users will be watching more videos, listening to more music, playing more games, sending more SMS messages, browsing more web pages, accessing their social networks, etc.  Oh yes, the number one data guzzler will be applications. Carriers are focusing on optimizing their networks to insure they can handle the data overflow and develop their future revenue models  It is now time for marketers to understand mobile users will be on sensory overload thanks to the bombardment of communications (a.k.a. clutter) they receive daily.  Future mobile users will continually struggle to retain information.  Consequently marketers will have to sharpen their nanomarketing skills.  They will need to step up and tweak their messaging from sound bites to mo bites.  Mo bites will need to be concise, mobile optimized (screen friendly), delivered on a timely basis (as in situational) and incorporate the wow factor!

R u ready?


  1. Jimmy,

    I agree with the thrust of what you are saying, but disagree with the numerical projections. Things that grow exponentially reach a plateau and then die. See this article about bacteria

    Marketers must integrate mobile devices into their mix/offerings. However, mobility will top out, suggesting that the astute Marketer should see the end coming and move on to the next way to establish brand positioning and influence purchases.


  2. I tend to agree with Robert that you can't scale things indefinitely and that plateaus are inevitable (Facebook, anyone?). Even Apple is destined to plateau in the next few years as its market reaches saturation and fragmentation settles.

    Such is the nature of the beast. I do think marketers do need to include mobile users in their plaforms, bearing in mind that just like how you can't use a radio ad on TV, you can't apply web ads to a mobile platform and expect it to perform in the same fashion.