Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Angry Birds Are Flocking To China

Angry Birds the addictive video game first introduced in 2009 by Finnish company Rovio Entertainment Ltd. now ranks as the largest Global app success.  Move over Mickey Mouse, Angry Birds are about to flock to China.

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Angry Birds by the numbers:
  •             One billion downloads across all platforms (regular and special additions).  China, with 140 million downloads, is the second largest Angry Birds market behind the United States.
  •             Estimated company sales of $100 million in 2011 represented a ten-fold increase versus their prior year.  Consumer products (merchandising and licensing) accounted for 30 percent of Rovio’s total revenue. 
The future of Angry Birds?  China!  Last week, Rovio opened its first brick-and-mortar retail outlet outside of Finland in Shanghai.  This week they will be opening another store in Beijing.  Their game plan is to open outlets in 100 cities throughout China within twelve months.  This summer, to further expand their brand presence throughout the country, they will be partnering with Coca Cola China to support Chinese athletes at the London Olympics via an online game.   Their CMO Peter Vesterbacka also announced recently the scheduled opening of two Angry Birds theme/activity parks later this year.

Sounds like Angry Birds will be chirping loudly in Chinese Renminbi.


  1. Of course they are free to go anywhere they want to but this makes my blood boil! : ) I thought this was a US company, right? Imagine all the jobs they could be creating if the chose to open stores in OUR country!

  2. I am actually amazed by the brand and their marketing. They don't have commercials or ads; however, the first thing my kids did with my smartphone and Ipad was download Angry Birds (2 years ago they were 6 and 8). I knew of Angry Birds but couldn't figure out how my KIDS knew about it. Word of Mouth for sure from other kids on the bus the strength of that with this franchise is incredible.