Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Millennials are widely known for their affinity for technology.  Consequently, due to all their electronic devices and connectivity they do not keep normal hours and have evolved into a wired, 24/7 generation.  Modern Putra recognizes this and has created C-Hangouts.

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Modern Putra is 7-Eleven’s Indonesian master franchisee.  Their stores offer 7-Eleven’s signature Big Bite hot dogs, Big Gulp soft drinks, flavored Slurpees, café items (coffee and cappuccino) as well as local favorites like chicken katsu, fried rice and pillow bread.  Beer and wine are only sold in a few community approved locations since Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world.

Indonesia’s currently ranks fourth in world population at approximately 245 million people.  According to their age distribution data more than half of the country’s population is 34 and under.  Modern Putra estimates that sixty five percent of their franchise’s customers are younger than thirty.  Accordingly Modern Putra revamped their stores to also include seating, Wi-Fi, in a clean, 24/7 air-conditioned environment compared to the food stalls called warung where younger people formally gathered.  The franchisee also acknowledges that Indonesia is considered one of the most wired countries in the world, thus occasionally hosts local bands at some of their premier locations.  With 44 thousand plus Facebook fans and 57,000 Twitter followers, the word gets out!  On a given night the 7-Eleven parking lots are filled with either motorbikes or luxury cars since the stores appeal to the lower-middle class, as well as the nouveaux rich.  7-Eleven has become the recreational place for young people to hangout in Indonesia, the Convenience Hangout. 

Will America’s C-Stores become the new C-Hangouts for Millennials?

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  1. Jimmy,

    In some areas, perhaps. In many areas zoning and business restrictions won't allow it to happen. For example in my town gas stations must close at 11:00 PM. In other cities and towns fear of crime/ drug dealing keep businesses closed later in the evening. Locally the only 24hr businesses are drive thru McDonalds and pharmacies.