Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bonding Italian Style

Bonding, the formation of a close relationship, as with your kids, is morphing. Disney World is no longer enough for your little Baby Einsteins.

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Remember when you first bonded with your kid(s)? Most probably it first occurred when your spouse decided to go out for the evening (e.g., girls/guys night out). Bonding then escalated when nights out evolved into spouses get away weekends (e.g., fantasy golf outings, spa retreats, etc.). Once your kid(s) started to walk, the whole family headed off to Disney World to bond.

Now flash forward to 2011. People are looking for relaxing, more exotic vacations to bond with their toddlers. One option I read about recently was the Mum and Baby Experience in Tuscany. The child friendly villa is just a short drive from the airport in Perugia. Package deals include yoga, cooking classes and massages for Mom; baby Latino dancing (I kid you not), painting and Italian classes for your children. There is also plenty of free time for parents to relax by the pool, swim, read or take local excursions while your children stay busy. Bonding Italian Style!

As I stated earlier, bonding is morphing, a window of opportunity for the travel industry.


  1. I've been following those Italian family vacations for quite some time (you know I love that country). I would prefer to take my kids there for spring break than Mexico. Now if the airlines would bring fares down...

  2. OMG. Is this what we have come to? I bonded with my Mother because (1) she loved me, (2) she showed it, and (3)we spent time together at home. Does one need to go to Italy now to bond with their child?

  3. Jackie/Tom:

    Thank you for your comments. My family bonded Italian style back in the 60's when my father took us down to the local diner every Wednesday night for the spaghetti and meatball special for $.99. That also included garlic bread.

  4. My big Italian family bonded for four hours every Sunday afternoon, around the dining room table. Afterwards, the men bonded in the living room over cigars and homemade Strega, while the women crowded into the kitchen to do dishes and pick on leftovers.

    Of course, even in those days, the adults lamented how the world had changed. How things weren't like they used to be. How children were no longer taught to behave.

    So I guess every generation has its evolutionary cross to bear.

  5. My parents I did most of our bonding in the kitchen before the large parties we love to host. My dad and I would cook and mom and sisters would cover all the details. I feel that food is the universal bonding agent. Everyone needs to eat and everyone has their favorite dish. Good food brings out the best in good people and breeds good conversation.