Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pets USA Revisited

I recently read an interesting tidbit – Americans spent $17.6 billion on pet food in 2009. This figure reminded me of last summer’s blog
Pets USA. Time to revisit what is going on with pet ownership.

Read On:
According to the American Pet Products Association, the number of U.S. households that own a pet is still 71.4 million, but spending will increase to an estimated $47.7 billion in 2010 versus $45.4 billion in 2009. Detailed below are some new products/services now available to dog owners:

· PAW SpotLight GPS Pet Locator – Your dog can now wear a business card size device on their collar and you will be notified via text message on your mobile device if he or she leaves one of the zones you have designated. You can then track your dog on your phone to relocate or call AKC Car, a 24/7 recovery service that has partnered with
PAW; a monthly service for only $20.

· Maybe the reason your dog wanders is because he or she is wound up. For $17.50 per ounce you can buy HomeoPet’s anti-anxiety formula and spike their water.

· Maybe the reason your dog wanders is because he or she is getting old. May I recommend Purina One Vibrant 7+ Senior Formula, a remixed formula with botanical oils that increases brain function in older dogs – $45 for a 34-pound bag? Better yet, may I suggest you start early with healthy habits by feeding your puppies
Stella & Chewy's line of food made from organic fruits and vegetables and meats that are free of antibiotics and hormones. Don’t forget to get a PetZen dog treadmill for $500 to $900 to keep your dog in shape so he or she does not get obese. The American Veterinary Medical Association reported that 40% of U.S. dogs are overweight.

· Want to make a good investment for potential carpet mishaps? Look at companies marketing pet cleaning devices: Proctor & Gamble’s line of Swiffer products (e.g., SweeperVac for dog hairs) or Bissell (e.g., SpotBot Deep Cleaner, a steam cleaner for tough spots). Arm & Hammer’s carpet deodorizer OXICLEAN® still works for those on a tight budget

The anticipated $2.3 billion increase in pet spending represents a 5.1% increase in a down economy. Bow Wow!


  1. Are you saying that the country is going to the dogs?

  2. I don't have the facts at hand, but I have read that petting a dog lowers blood pressure, and that pets are "good" for older people.

    As the baby-boomer group ages, I would expect to see the demand for pets and pet related products grow.


  3. Some good stats, Jim! Since you're in the retail arena, and perhaps so are many of your regular readers, I wanted to bring your attention to Social Media Link, a300,000-person strong community of brand management execs and retailers. Very innovative! Check it out at
    It's so good to see that people are starting to 'get it'-- to sell anything these days, your strategies must be integrated, not singular.

  4. A friend spends quite a large sum of money buying high end organic dog food because yer lovely loyal lab has several food allergies. Pets are considered part of the family so I'm not surprised by all of these extra expenditures.

    Victoria might be related to the Grocerant Guy.

  5. As a long-time dog owner I am not really suprised by this (just try fitting special diet requirements from you vet into your 'food' budget).

    Just saw an interesting article about pet friendly eating establishements (

    A whole new clientele to cater to.

  6. I'm in the wrong business...

  7. Just added a dog to the family over the last year. Love him dearly but think many pet owners are a tad crazy. I did need to buy a new super suction vac though for the floors.

    Here's an idea for those selling to vets: Why not a 'welcome' kit for new pet owners? Much like the 'welcome' kit for new mothers that I received at the hospital. Would love to see these pet resources in a kit.

  8. That pet locator is cheaper than the one installed on my teens' phone... maybe I could disguise it as a keychain bottleopener.

    Great post, going to share it with several friends. Personally, I've transitioned to large fish tanks - which is a whole different market to exlpore...