Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today, April 1st, I would like to share with you a unique bio posted on my LinkedIn Boston Marketing Group. An American success story!

Read On:
Today is my 50th birthday. I own a successful interactive marketing company located in a cool loft in South Boston. I lead eight awesome teammates. This year will be a record year. We will book over $6 million. I am 24/7 thanks to my iPhone 3GS with 32 GB complete with 217 apps, but I must confess I have not taken a real vacation in four years.

You can follow me on twitter @ admon81. I have 14,511 followers, I follow 2,367. On LinkedIn I have 500+ connections, 814 to be exact and I participate regularly in 16 groups. I have two Facebook accounts; one corporate, one personal. Candidly I have lost count how many friends I have between the two. I have three blogs; one corporate, one family and one film blog. I love film trivia.

I own a mega mansion in Marblehead, 5,100 square feet complete with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a state of the art kitchen with 2 refrigerators, 16 cabinets and a walk-in pantry. I have a wine cellar stocked with 189 bottles of choice wine, estimated value $10,000. I eat out on average, six days a week.

I have a three car garage; I own three cars – a 2009 Mercedes CL Coupe, a brand new Lexus Luxury Utility GX 10 and a classic, fully restored 1965 Mustang Convertible. I love my Harley, a 2008 Softail® Deluxe 105th Anniversary Edition.

I have been married twice, divorced twice. I have four beautiful children; one in graduate school, one in college, one in Tibet and one in pre-school. They all texted me today :-) Bday Dude.

I am sitting here solo in my favorite Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown. I just ate two plates of my favorite Dim Sum, one order of Lobster Cantonese, one bowl of brown rice and I drank two bottles of Tsingtao beer.

My fortune cookie read: “Get a life.”


  1. I enjoyed this - thanks for sharing it! The guy seems fairly balanced and objective about it all. Ultimately, it comes down to choices one makes professionally and personally. Except for freak accidents, things don't just happen to people. We all have a hand in our fortunes.

  2. Life in 2010. Who would have thunk it?

    :-) Bday Dude !

  3. Given that he seems to have reported his life' progress based on materialistic statistics, I would say his fortune cookie was appropriate.

  4. Jim, I love this. Such a good reminder--the most important things in life are NOT things. This poor guy has all the money, things and status in the world, but he still sat alone on his birthday. That is just sad. His fortune couldn't be more true. He was living, and living well by anyone's standards, but he certainly didn't have a life.

  5. Jimmy - bday dude! I hope this is an april fools joke or I am doing something really wrong! If it is your bday - happy bday. I turn 50 too this year

  6. WOW...This just gave me a
    Joke or not it's true we get so busy and acquire so many things we don't even realize the overload.
    Maybe we should all take the time and write it all down to see where we stand;)
    Happy Belated Birthday if it's really your Birthday!