Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Mobile is Watching

Last weekend I read an article in the
NY Times about the advancement of couponing printed from the Internet or sent to mobile phones. Throw in the evolution of geolocation software, your mobile device will enable marketers to profile all your movements. Big Mobile is Watching!

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There are a lot of numbers floating out there about mobile phone usage, but for this blog I am going to focus in on eMarketer indicating that currently 34.5% of mobile phone users access the mobile Internet at least monthly; 50% by 2013. They also reported that two-fifths of smartphone owners reported buying something nonmobile over their phones in the last six months. According to Motorola’s Global Survey of in-store holiday shopping released in January, 51% of consumers tracked over 11 countries, used their mobile phones for in-store shopping – comparison shopping, product information, coupons, etc. The percentage jumped to 64% for Gen Y (ages 18 to 34) shoppers. In February, Target positioned itself as a leader in mobile retail where consumers can now download their gift cards (Target Mobile GiftCards). Other retailers are now following suit by going mobile with their loyalty rewards programs. Last, there is the rise of
Foursquare and other location-based social networking sites that facilitate people to “check in” with each other. Foursquare is a real windfall for marketing savvy Retailers that target and reward “Mayors”, consumers that frequent their locations.

So what am I advocating here? M-Commerce is beginning to rule our lives. Consumer profiling companies are surfacing. They are accumulating mega consumer data based on monitoring your Internet searches via your mobile devices, your geographic Retail preferences (e.g., restaurant and bars you frequent), etc. Your mobile usage is then being coded on the bar code that you eventually swipe from your phone to buy promotional products/services. In the future, with the advancement of geolocation software and the increased marketing knowledge of Retailers, they will touch you every time you are within physical proximity of their location.

As I stated earlier, Big Mobile is Watching. Sounds like the Federal Trade Commission will have its work cut out in the future to tighten online advertising rules.


  1. Jimmy,

    Good post, and on point with what is happening. However I think that retailers need to be aware of the potential backlash that may arise from consumers when they understand the implications that these technologies have regarding their privacy. For example, many people choose not to use Fast Lane transponders, even though they save money and time, because they do not want to give the State government the ability to track their movements. The same behavior could attach itself to retailers who use geolocation marketing technologies.


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  3. Great post!
    People may think this is a great idea..I personally think it is very scary...the government trying to control everything is bad enough, I don't need stores monitoring my movements too!

  4. Mobile could be a great vehicle for manufacturers if you think about it. Today, retailers know the exact person who is buying. They are at the point of purchase. If mfgrs get mobile apps, they have a direct link to the customer to enable immediate promotions or sense of urgency.

  5. Hi,

    There was an article that I tweeted out yesterday about a company called Cardlytics that generates statement offers to you based on how (and where) you used your credit card. This is no different. To me, this is an instance where we're starting to fully realize how much privacy we never really had in the first place especially after 2001. The more you know, the scarier it is, etc.



  6. This is a topic I have been researching extensively. I think the opportunities that marketers have right now with the rise of mobile commerce and the influx in smart phone ownership is immense. Users are actually allowing businesses to track them in return for rewards such as coupons. I personally have not used in store shopping on my phone and have not received any mobile coupons, but I do occasionally use Foursquare and would be receptive to text message coupons. I actually downloaded the Groupon app on my iPhone that will notify me of deals nearby me, unfortunately where i live currently is not covered by this app yet. Being a marketer, I am excited to see the progression of mobile usage in the next few years.

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