Monday, February 22, 2010

IPPC: Improved Personal Productivity Collaboration

At the end of the day, after thinking outside the box, providing proactive, value-added services, that are results driven, leveraging the knowledge base I have acquired over the years benchmarking best practices in the food industry, I realize corporate lingo truly amuses me. The new corporate speak is IPPC.

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I live within a stone’s throw of several major insurance companies here in Philadelphia. As I was walking back to my apartment the other day, I witnessed several insurance company employees leaving one facility, to go to another site, to attend a 4 PM meeting. I overheard one individual say to the group, “We are going to have to get everyone on board with improved personal productivity collaboration.” I asked myself, what does that mean?

- Get more done with fewer resources, since the insurance companies are now striving to downsize and cut costs?

- New corporate policy – less time spent outside taking cigarette breaks and checking social media sites on your crackberry?

- You better start collaborating with your teammates or hit the highway?

As I said before, corporate lingo amuses me. The next time you are in a meeting or at a conference, I challenge you to draw a large square, divide it into five columns down, five columns across. Fill in the squares with phrases like knowledge base, end of the day, win-win, 24/7, etc. Every time someone uses the appropriate word or phrase check off the appropriate block. When you get five blocks horizontally, vertically or diagonally, stand up and yell out Bulls--t! Then hit the highway.

Key learning: If I was walking down the street listening to tunes on my iPod in my
Cocoon 2.0, the subject of my last blog, I never would have learned about IPPC.


  1. Here it is in reality: Collaboration Forums to improve personal productivity and team interaction.

    Liked the post today...I used ot play the game you mention...we called it BULLSHIT. When your grid was filled you supposed to stand up and yell BULLSHIT! Then you bought the drinks.

    Time to climb back into your cocoon, 2.0 or otherwise.

  2. I LOVE this, Jim! Hilarious! It is so true, we have so much lingo in corporate culture. It's really bad when you start to let it creep into your normal life "Hey, I'll touch base with you later." Bleh!

    Good call. Thanks!

  3. Great topic!!
    With so many companies laying people off and freezing their hiring...people in the future are going to have to think in a more 'Outside the Box' way in order to keep their jobs (and companies). If the economy continues on the track it is headed on, its going to get much worse...Companies will really need those 'Out of the Box ' thinkers to jump start or freshen up their company bottom lines, and it isn't going to be with interns or IPPC lingo.

    Companies are looking to stay alive, but to not change or do any work hoping this current climate will won't!!
    IPPC is some consultants or marketers buzz word to keep or justify their job.
    To be competitive...all companies are going to need to see if what they offer is even viable and they will have to have the guts to go in and clean house and start over.
    With all the Social Networking capabilities and current climate, its a whole new exciting world out there for the people willing to look, learn and roll up their sleeves, get down on their hands and knees and do some hard, soul-searching work...but that is a whole other topic.

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