Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grand Slams’ Lessons

Sports used to be important to me. Now the only sport I follow is singles tennis. Why? It is strategic, one on one, all about heart. After watching the Australian Open last week, I realized I have learned a lot from tennis that I have applied to my business knowledge.

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Detailed below are the lessons I learned watching the Australian Open:

· Know yourself, know your opponent.

· A great match can sometimes change in a heartbeat; one masterful shot can produce a huge shift in momentum.

· Maintaining one’s composure at all times is key.

· Winners are prepared to go the distance, champions know how to close.

· Grand slam champions make all the necessary adjustments required to hoist the trophy at the end.

· There is no substitution for experience.

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  1. I'd add that preparation is vital (supplementing your point on experience). Great players don't become great overnight, and even those of lesser talent can rise through the ranks with enough discipline and practice.