Friday, January 8, 2010

Special Snow Globe

Officially, I have burnt out on all the online social media advice. Recently I found something more refreshing – Thomas Kinkades’ limited edition, Social Media Snow Globe. Shake it up, watch the snow slowly descend on all your favorite social media icons; become an instant social media guru. Only $39.99.

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Burnout began to set in when I read Peter Cashmore’s (CEO and founder of year-end post about social media experts. Peter utilized Tweepsearch ( to identify Twitter profiles that included variations like social media “guru”, “superstar”, “marketer”, etc. In May of 2009 there were 4,487. There are now 15,740 social media experts on Twitter as we enter the new year.

In your face, blogging superstar Chris Brogan’s daily feedburner arrived one morning informing me that he endorsed the new ebook: Beyond Blogging by Nathan Hangen and Mike Cliffe Jones ( complete with 5 principles of success from 15 of the world’s most successful bloggers; just $47. The same day, I surfed upon the blogger’s dream, From Blog to Book Deal: How 6 Authors Did It. I found 7 Ways to Get More Out of LinkedIn helpful, written by the same author who wrote 7 Secrets to Tweeting Your Corporate Culture.

I am not sure the exact post I snapped on, but I do remember it was the same day that I found an advertisement from the popular American artist, mass marketer Thomas Kinkade. The copy read: “The light beckons to you as the silent snow fills the air. Winter scenes so inviting almost too good to be true – except now, as the beautiful, soft snow flakes slowly descend on all your favorite social media icons below, you too can become a social media expert in the next decade. You will grow rich with Thomas Kinkade’s Limited Addition Social Media Snow Globe; only $39.99.” Friendly Reminder: Please do not take your special snow globe with you if you plan to fly. TSA will confiscate it.

Candidly, social media will impact marketing/advertising in the next decade, but as I shared in my last blog, the real winners will balance the new with classic marketing:


  1. I'll bet all those guru's are self professed guru's. Beg's the question: exactly what criteria makes an expert?