Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Random Trivia

In my last blog posting, Timeout, I recommended we need to control our daily flood of information. However I must confess, I am guilty of periodically surfing the Internet. It never ceases to amaze me what is out there – random trivia, things you might want to know.

Read On:

· Nielsen data indicates that the average number of text messages sent/received per month per US mobile phone subscriber jumped from 447 in the fourth quarter of 2008 to 486 in the first quarter of 2009. Texters 13-to-17 year-olds lead the way: 2,272 in Q4 2008; 2,899 in Q1 2009. According to my calculations that is 97 texts a day. Maybe you should check on your kids to see if they are actually sleeping right now.

· Struggling with what to do with the $9.79 left on the Applebee’s gift card you have been sitting on? Try
www.plasticjungle.com that exchanges cards for cash/credit or make a charitable contribution to schools via www.DonorsChoose.org.

· According to a VINEXPO study conducted by London-based drinks research organization International Wine & Spirit Record (IWSR), U.S. will become the biggest wine consuming market in the world by 2012. I’ll drink to that.

· Concerned about our planet and looking for a worthy cause to sink your teeth in? Familiarize yourself with SCI (
http://solarcooking.wikia.com/wiki/Solar_Cookers_International), a humanitarian organization that promotes the worldwide usage of solar cookers that use sunlight as its energy source. A great initiative that not only slows deforestation and desertification, but also pasteurizes water preventing waterborne diseases in areas of our planet that do not have a sufficient amount of clean water for its inhabitants.

· Going out for sushi with a friend later this week and want to be environmentally correct? The Monterey Bay Aquarium (www.seafoodwatch.org), the Environmental Defense Fund (www.edf.org) and the Blue Ocean Institute (www.blueocean.org) have all published sustainable seafood sushi guides online that you can print or download to your phone that detail recommended choices.

· When you are sitting at the sushi bar and spot a teenager examining a sushi guide on their new Palm Pre, wearing Nike “Gucci” Dunk Highs, ordering a spicy wild pacific salmon hand roll, please note: TRU, a Chicago based-research firm that specializes in the youth market, recently reported that teens have an estimated annual spending power of $127 billion.

I could continue, but I need to get back online for my daily random trivia fix.

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  1. Fun, informative, and probably totally useless information. Thanks!