Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hip, boss, groovy, outtasite, tubular, gnarly, rad, dope, wicked, tight, sick, def, phat, sweet, kewl and bomb. What do all these words have in common? They represent “cool” wannabe slang that fade in and out of usage, while “cool” itself has endured since the 50’s across all generations.

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In my last blog, I addressed how marketers’ utilize exclusivity as a strategy to lure consumers. Add “cool” to their playbook of consumer marketing hooks. Now readers, do you want to be known as being “cool” or being a “nerd?” Cool equates to being in the know. Being in the know means you are one of the “in crowd.” Trust me, marketing geeks use “cool” as a ploy for those consumers that feel insecure about whether they are connected to the ‘in crowd.” Let me share a few classic examples:

- Facebook – Why has Facebook surpassed MySpace to become the #1 social networking site? Answer: Facebook now has over 200 million connected users worldwide. To put things in perspective, if Facebook where a country, it would be the firth-largest country in the world after China, India, the U.S. and Indonesia. Now that is “sweet.” You might want to tweet your friends with that piece of trivia.

- Red Bull – What makes Red Bull the #1 energizer drink in the world “def?” Answer: The buzz. There are 83 mg of caffeine in every can of Red Bull, compared to 27 mg of caffeine in a can of Coke Classic. Three times the buzz. Oh by the way, have you ever tasted Red Bull?

- iPod – Why has Apple sold close to 200 million iPods since they first launched their innovative portable digital music players back in October of 2001? Answer: Their highly recognizable advertising campaign with the dark silhouetted figures dancing against bright colored backgrounds attracted everyone who wanted to become part of the “in crowd”, therefore jump on the “rad” bandwagon.

So the next time you see someone sitting in a public place with their Apple notebook opened to Facebook, tweeting their friends that they are listening to T.I. on their iPod, sipping on a can of Red Bull, you will realize they are multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is “bomb.”

SMARTKETING’s slang wannabe for “cool?” Refrigerated!


  1. okay... I'm uncool... who is T.I.?

  2. And I'm going to say Red Bull received it's 'buzz' from the young hip dudes drinking it with Vodka. It's the 'in' drink.

  3. Nice, Jimmy. I like the angle and the spin. It is interesting how some brands WANT to be cool, but like your dad, just cannot. (My daughter cringes when I use the word HIP...apparently its no longer COOL.) All a brand can do is create the "atmosphere" around their brand to allow it to be viewed as COOL by its audience/users.

    Red Bull and Absolute Citron is the BOMB.